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Creative Writing Class Wednesdays 3:30 to 4:30

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Wednesdays from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm | September 14 through December 7 (12 sessions) | Ages: 12+ | Tuition is $130 for a full 12 weeks of class.
Ages: 12+

Location: Homeschool House LAB at 1 Bending Branch, Morgan’s Point, TX

Creative Writing
The main goal of this class is to spark and cultivate interest for newcomers to writing while expanding on the passion of students already putting pen to paper by exposing them to various forms of prose and poetry.

Areas of focus:

There will be an overlap to reinforce the English Composition and History core learning
A brief history of each writing style or type as we get to it
Genres of literature
Styles of poetry
Writing a hook/introduction
Basic elements of a story
Setting and character descriptions
Three-act structure
Constructing an ending
Peer presentation and editing

My teaching philosophy for this class will be organic. I want to be interactive and engage the students’ interests so there is no time structure, but all of these topics will be covered.

This class will be a mixture of classroom lecture, interactive discussion, and writing. My hope is that the students will learn to write better and build vocabulary and knowledge while finding a passion for one of the writing forms.

Creative Writing will be a 12-week course for ages 12 and up,

Enrolling multiple students? Get a 10% discount on all students when enrolling multiple kids in this class. Please call the store to enroll with a discount.

Class minimum is 4 students.

About the teacher: Andrew Lauck performed in his first stage play at the age of 10 and fell in love with the art. Since then, he has acquired an A.A. in Acting, performed in countless productions, and acted in the KCACTF Competition as well as two films. Andrew also has experience directing and working as technical crew both for the stage and film. He has written, directed, edited, and acted in a short film and taken multiple film analysis classes. Beyond his love of Theatre and Film, he is the published author of three novels that he edited and can be found writing when not pursuing one of his other passions. As a thespian, cinephile, and author, Andrew is very excited to share his love of the arts with anyone that will listen.