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Draw Asia: Easy Step-By-Step Approach ARTK12

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Any time we discuss a person, place or thing, there is a "where" about it. Where were they born? Where do they live? Where did it happen? Where was it made? Geography is a necessary lynchpin of these discussions. A child who knows where Ohio, or China, or Togo is reaps more from these discussions than a child who doesn't. All books about history, literature and science will become broader and deeper for children who are familiar with the world around them, who know the lay of the land. Geography is essential to a child's education, and basic to that study is a simple outline of provinces, territories, municipalities, countries and continents. In Draw Asia: Volume I I have tried to give students an easy introduction to committing the map of the western half of Asia to memory. Through simple, step-by-step instructions, students learn to draw each country as they connect to their neighbors and, with a little practice, will be able to draw the map as a whole.A good education seeks to broaden a child's mind and entices him to explore. Today, through books and videos a child can virtually travel to faraway places. Studying geography will augment those travels and his journey will be that much richer because he knows where he is going.