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Fall 2022 Literature Around the World Mondays 9 to 10:30

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Fall 2022 Literature Around the World Mondays 9 to 10:30
Location: Homeschool House LAB: 1 Bending Branch Rd, Morgan's Point, TX
August 15 through December 5 (16 meetings)
Ages: 6 to 10

Beginning with “How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World,” students will enjoy quality children’s literature paired with geography and art lessons to go on an world-wide literature adventure. Each class we will read a picture book, discuss the geography of the story, touch on literary elements, discuss the art of the book, and finish an activity in either art, music, or math.

Class structure: We begin by finding the location of our story on a map and talking about that part of the world. We’ll use the images from books to discuss:
-Geography & Different Cultures (example: Madeline: Where is Paris? How they dress in the book, important landmarks in France, foods they ate, have samples of the foods they ate {pending information about allergies}).
-Good citizenship (example: Madeline: all the girls visit her in the hospital and bring gifts. Discussion includes compassion, social norms when someone is ill, craft may include making something for a local hospital.)
-Art (example: Madeline: May make pictures for children’s hospital, use stamping to make Eiffel tower art.)
-Literature Studies (example: Madeline: Creating a story through poetry, recognizing rhyming words.)

There will be no reading required although children may be invited to read aloud if they feel comfortable. Taught by Ms. Allison