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Balancing the Sword

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The heart of this Bible study tool is a two-volume question and answer manual that goes chapter by chapter through all sixty-six books of Holy Writ. Each of the probing fill-in-the-blank questions encourages interaction with the text and includes multiple cross-references to deepen your study with connected passages. Ample space is provided in each volume for precise, objective responses and your own meditations associated with each question. Rather than appealing to your opinion, Balancing the Sword drives the reader to the authority of the Scriptures and what is actually contained in the text. In total, there are an astounding 7,116 questions, literally one every 2.7 verses. With questions to help facilitate engaging discussions and an answer key that supplies you with immediate references to check your response, Balancing the Sword will increase your understanding and aid your retention of the Scriptures. This comprehensive study tool also features hundreds of charts, maps, and carefully selected images of biblical events. Also included is an interactive CD-ROM tutorial, plus Bible-reading scheduling software with unparalleled flexibility for personalization.