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Awesome Chemistry Experiments for Kids

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Chemistry comes alive with hands-on science experiments for kids ages 5 to 10 The world of chemistry is packed with awesome ways for kids to learn and play! Filled with colorful and gooey fun, these science experiments for kids are sure to get them interested in discovering how different substances react together. Whether it's creating fizzy bath bombs or making batteries out of coins, each of these science experiments for kids provides a simple hypothesis and the guidance they need to test it out for themselves. Go beyond other science books for kids with: 40 fun chemistry experiments--Introduce kids to real chemistry with experiments that they can do at home using easy-to-find materials--and an adult assistant. Kid-friendly explanations--Ensure young scientists are getting the most out of the experiments with simple breakdowns of exactly what happened, why, and how it connects to STEAM. A handy mess-o-meter and more--Pick the perfect experiment with helpful labels that detail the difficulty, time needed, and the amount of cleanup. Foster a lifelong love of scientific exploration with these amazing science experiments for kids.