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Don't Know Much About the Pilgrims

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Thirty-four children on the Mayflower Three days of Thanksgiving feasting And hundreds of facts about the hardworking Pilgrims Pilgrims in Plymouth: True or False Quiz The Mayflower was a huge ship—nearly as large as the Titanic—with a bowling alley and a swimming pool! Squanto, an Indian who helped the Pilgrims, spoke English. Pilgrim farmers buried fish in the ground to help their corn grow better. The Pilgrims called their harvest feast Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving today is a time for families to say grace and gobble turkey. But why did the Pilgrims start this tradition? And who were these people anyway? In this latest outstanding entry in the Don't Know Much About® series by renowned author Kenneth C. Davis, you can discover all you ever wanted to know about the Pilgrims.