Meet Our Educators

Meet Allison Wilson

Allison started Homeschool House with the goal of providing the services homeschool families need to central Texas; Enrichment classes to help parents give their children the best custom education available, a location to consign and buy curriculum, and a ready community. Allison homeschooled her own children for 9 years before starting Homeschool House, has a background in business, and taught in co-ops in North Carolina and Texas. 

Meet Janette Mercado

Janette Mercado has been in education since 2007.  She has taught at CTC, Belton ISD and now Homeschool House.  She has taught Circle Time, Bilingual Circle Time, Lego Engineering, Academic Club, Elementary Spanish, Secondary Spanish, Art, Elementary STEM, History LAB and Critical Thinking.  She has enjoyed teaching the variety of classes with her "littles" and "bigs".  She also incorporates life lessons with her teaching and takes every teachable moment for those life skills. Teaching is her passion and joy.  When Ms. Mercado is not teaching she loves to enjoy time with family and friends , craft, make jewelry and cook.

Meet Victoria Colyer

Victoria teaches Hands-On History and Critical Thinking at Homeschool House. Her teaching methods include Socratic method class discussions, abstract learning, and cultivating an environment for a student’s curiosity to grow.  Previously, she worked in BISD, KISD Special education, and taught at a local private school.  She earned her graduate degree in Religion & Global Studies with a concentration in cross-cultural communication. Her love of teaching extends outside of the classroom with teaching internships in the Middle East and South America. Victoria homeschools her daughter, Samantha. Her hobbies are geocaching, writing, reading, archery, cooking, baking and hiking with her dog, Gizmo.

Meet Andrew Lauck

Andrew Lauck has been acting on stage and film since he was 10, when he fell in love with the arts. Since then, he’s obtained an A.A. in Acting, performed in countless productions and 3 films, and acted in the KCACTF competition. He’s worked as actor, director, and various elements of audio and visual crew. He’s also taken multiple film analysis classes. Outside of Theatre and Film, Mr. Lauck has published 3 novels and is always working on the next one. The research for this takes his studies in many directions, including advanced courses in Forensics, Chemistry, History, and an obvious passion for literature of all kinds. As a thespian, cinephile, and author, Andrew’s very excited to share his love for the arts with anyone that will listen.

Meet Wendy Kilburn

Wendy Kilburn is the wife of David and mother of 5 children ranging in age from 5-23. She has homeschooled her kids from the beginning and graduated her 3 oldest from their homeschool over the last 5 years. Her oldest graduated from UMHB with a degree in English and a teaching certificate. Her oldest is currently a high school English teacher. All 3 of her adult children have been accepted to universities and a trade school.