Consignment FAQ - Please call or email for a consignment appointment.

Please go through your consignment items and clean them prior to bringing them in for consignment. If items do not meet condition requirements, you’ll be asked to make a different appointment once your items are in suitable condition to sell. 

Condition: Curriculum should be in new to good used condition with no smells/stains and clean. Mild writing is okay but no pages missing. Loose items should be in a binder or pocket tab notebook. Books with dust or dirt on them can usually be cleaned by wiping a damp paper towel or cloth over the cover. 

Pricing: You can price your items yourself by putting the price inside the front cover in pencil or putting a post-it on the cover with the price you want OR I can price it on your behalf. I usually price 70% of retail for new items, 60% for excellent used, 50% for good used, with some rounding to make the numbers look nicer. Fiction readers are generally priced at 50%.

Fees: For store credit, the consignor split is 60% of the sold price to the person who owns the curriculum and 40% to the store when items sell. For cash, the split is 50/50. No set up fees. You’re able to track what sells online in real time via a login we make when you bring in your items. 

Time: It usually takes 30-45 minutes to go through your items together, and it takes me so far an average of 3-4 hours to get everything put into the system - so you might not see your items right away no matter how fast I try to make that happen. Items do get put in the computer much faster if you price items before bringing them in. 

No Shows: Please contact me via Messenger, email ( or call 254-831-3070 if you cannot make your appointment as soon as possible & we can reschedule.