Homeschool House LAB

LAB runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 2. This program will be 16 weeks in the fall and 16 in the spring. It is an integrated history, critical thinking, and social program. 



A custom developed hands-on history program from a multitude of resources to cover Ancient American History through Westward Expansion. We will be using Odyssey of the Mind ( for critical thinking. To describe what a typical day might look like, arrival is 8:45 to 9 - we'll do a group discussion and talk some about what we're learning that day. When learning about the Clovis people, we'll discuss archaeologists who helped discover these ancient Americans, go outside and have an archaeology dig, and mark on a map the various Clovis sites. We'll discuss what they ate and how they may have lived. We'll talk about how the temperature and plants at the time affected their life and make a replica megafauna plant. We'll break for lunch and outside play time from around 11 to 1. Our Odyssey of the Mind class will include spontaneous Odyssey of the Mind challenges and having kids work on their long term OM challenge. 


There is early drop off available and electives will be offered directly after the LAB from 2 to 3:30. This course will have a registration fee of $150 and a monthly tuition of $350. For more details or to sign up, please call the store at 254-831-3070, email, or stop by the store. Most of the materials being used for the first 2 months of LAB are available to review at the store.