Class Enrollment has ended for Fall 2021.


Homeschool House’s classes are all a la carte with NO registration fees. Class fees show the cost of the full semester of that class. 


MASKS: We want to keep all our families as safe as possible. Since many children visit our classes from different areas around Bell county, masks are required for all attending classes until COVID transmissions are controlled in Bell County. All instructors have created one-on-one tutoring times to accommodate those who cannot wear masks in classes. Please contact Homeschool House via phone or email to arrange one-on-one tutor times.


Cleanliness: All people going into classrooms are required to wash hands or use hand sanitizer before class and recommended after class. Tables and chairs are wiped down between every class. This policy will remain in place even when masks are no longer required. 



Keep children home if they have:

vomited in the last 24 hours

rash, lice, or nits


eye infection 

sore throat



They’re not feeling very good (unusually tired, pale, lack of appetite, confused or cranky)



In every class that Homeschool House has, it is expected that courtesy and respect be given to the facilities and other individuals.. Since classes vary, respectful behavior has varying definitions (ie: lecture class involves quietly listening, hands on class involves walking around). Your child’s educator will cover their expectations in class. 


Please remind young children about respectful use of supplies and resources, appropriate times to use courtesy phrases like “excuse me”, and that we do not run indoors.



Learners are expected to participate in class. If a student’s behavior or lack of participation is distracting or disruptive to other students, they may be removed from the class.